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Vaneli Brunel

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VANELi Brunel pyramid stud sandals will indeed Click to read more
VANELi Brunel pyramid stud sandals will indeed become one of your favorite pairs from Marmi! With its comfortable rubber heel and soft-padded inner sole for additional support, this strappy, gladiator sandal will not only make you look great but feel great too!Only the VANELi Brunel, with its adjustable clasp and pyramid rock studs' embellishment, will offer confidence and empowerment for daily wearing. Their subtle shimmer gives you that glitz too!For morning errands, pair them with a casual tee and lounge pants or a nighttime maxi dress for that chic boho ensemble. You can even wear them with a denim skirt and crop top or a linen jumpsuit with a white tank, or pair them with your summer outfits throughout the season. The possibilities are endless with these pyramid stud sandals!Purchase a pair of your own or grab them in all of the colors available for endless opportunities! Available in Pale Platino Distressed Metallic, Black Patent, Red Patent, and White Patent for sizes 5 to 12. They run in Slim, Narrow, Medium, and Wide to cater to various feet width.VANELi shoes have always offered a great selection of variety for women's footwear. May it be for special occasions, formal and corporate events, and even daily casual and workwear. VANELi has you covered! Every pair provides you with the trendiest design to complete your look while giving you the best comfort, durability, and price.VANELi brand is under Marmi shoes, which offers a huge selection of styles without compromising your true measurements. We created perfectly fitting shoes for all sizes and widths, from the smallest 4 up to the biggest 13. Widths from super slim, slim, narrow, medium, to wide measurements - you'll be able to find footwear tailored to your size and comfort that matches your wardrobe needs.
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