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Happy Mother's Month

By Rachelle Baumer 2 years ago 1173 Views No comments

I love that we set aside a day to honor those hardworking and influential mothers in our lives. The women we look up to, the ones who give up so much to foster our growth, and the women who love us unconditionally. We have learned everything we know from our moms. This month let’s show her we know how to spoil her with love, AND a shopping spree. What more could she want? Maybe she will even bring you along.

In celebration of all those motherly moments of continual strength, Marmi is giving away a chance to win a $1,000 Marmi Shoe-Shopping Spree!! All you must do is email us a photo and your story of why you love shopping at Marmi to You have until May 31 to enter into our Generations of Women Sweepstakes.

There is still plenty of time to enter into the drawing. On June 2, we will announce the winner of the drawing via Facebook Live. If you are crowned the lucky winner, you have until June 18th to shop until you drop.

Follow Marmi + Like, Comment, and Share the original Facebook Post to receive a second entry. Happy Mother’s Day, or should we say Happy Mother’s Month to all you moms out there!