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Are you wearing the right size shoe???

By Rachelle Baumer 3 years ago 1874 Views 2 comments

You know what they say, If the shoe fits, buy it in every color! But that is the million-dollar question, does the shoe fit?? Just like our bra’s ladies, many of us aren’t wearing the right size!! Sounds crazy right, you’ve been wearing the same size shoes since you were 16, 17? But think about it, how many shoes have you worn only to discover that by the end of the day, the dogs are barking… oh the suffering we go through for fashion!!

But alas, Marmi has the solution by offering sizes and widths for everyone (sizes 4 – 13 in widths Slim – Wide!!) in a wide array of styles, materials and fashionable comfort. When you visit any one of our 24 retail locations, our Style + Fit Experts will ensure you have the perfect shoes to fit your feet and to match any occasion.

Have a Narrow Foot? Here are our Top 5 favorite Narrows this season:

  • The Perfect Flat - elasticized topline and padded arch support – Sitta by VANELi
  • Fashion Overload - 2¾” stacked heel, padded insole and fully lined – Bisa by VANELi
  • Career Driven – padded insole, flexible rubber sole and comfort block heel – Dank by VANELi
  • Wardrobe Staple – cushioned insole, fully lined with a leather sole and 2½” covered heel – Linden by VANELi
  • Tailored Sophistication – cushioned insole, 1¼” covered heel, leather sole with rubber insert for extra comfort – Alta by VANELi

Want more?? Click here to view all Narrow silhouettes

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